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Welcome from the Poet

Welcome to Aimable love poems. This webpage is entirely dedicated to the poems of Barbara T. Aimable.

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for taking the time to visit this webpage. I hope you read something that inspires you. Take care.

The Poet

Barbara T. Aimable started writing poetry seriously about 10 years ago but kept them to herself. It was only last year that she felt that it was time to give birth to the new creative ideas that were bursting to be written, read and heard.

Many of Barbara T. Aimable’s poems will give you some insight into her relationship with God and the many beautiful saints He has introduced her to. Some of whom are her closest and dearest friends as well as being her brothers and sister in Christ.

She admits that she is an incurable romantic and so, of course, many of her poems will also reflect her outlook on life and love.

If you have purchased any of the poet’s 9 books  and would like to comment on your favourite poem(s) please feel free. The poet looks forward to hearing from you.

The seven books are listed under the page titled ‘Links’ on this web site. If you would like to order any of the books from this site, then go straight to the ‘links’ page and click on the Lulu button with the title of your choice. You will then be directed straight to the publisher, Lulu, where you can start your shopping  journey.

Thank you for visiting.

September, 2013

Favourite Comments: “Barbara’s Love poems drift from the page straight into your heart.” Lisa Remy

“Truly inspired poetry of the highest order. Keep it up Barbara.xx”  Mr G. Leslie



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