About the Poems

Love Poems

The poet has written many love poems and they can be found in her first two volumes ‘God, Friendship, Love and Me’ and ‘Poems and Love Songs.’

She has also taken some of her love poems from the two first volumes and have included a few of them in her fourth book, ‘Love Poems For The Modern Romantic.’  (There are also several love poems contained in this book which will not be found in any of the other books and they are absolutely beautiful!)

 ‘Justice’ and ‘More Poems and Love Songs’  well . . . just when you thought you have heard and read the best of her work she comes back with more!

If you are a romantic, then you will not be disappointed with her poems. They will touch your heart!

‘More Poems and Love Songs’ will also stir the hearts of the politically conscious. Several poems in the book looks at some of the unpleasant things that happen to people; people you may know and those who live elsewhere in the world. The aim of the poet is to appeal to your empathy; to simply raise awareness.

The poet has read some of her romantic poems at weddings and on occasions when couples have held special services to celebrate the renewal of vows. The  Poem simply titled, ‘We,’  has blessed many of these events but there are several other poems in the book that are equally exquisite and appropriate for the special occasion.


Si vous êtes un romantique désespéré, alors c’est le livre pour toi. Vous ne serez pas déçu. Si vous ne voulez pas l’acheter pour vous, alors achetez-le pour quelqu’un que vous aimez.

Godly Poems

The poet is a ‘Born Again Christian’.

In 2008, she felt that the Lord had encouraged her to write poetry again and publish them. So she did. The title of her first book  ‘God,Friendship,Love and Me,’ documents her relationship with God and the many saints the Lord has introduced her to since she became a  Christian.  God has been her muse throughout her recent writing experience and so, she exposes in  many of her poems, His influence in her life.

She has also included many poems about The Lord, in her second book, ‘Poems and Love Songs’ and, she has put together a selection of some of her favourite poems about the Lord in her third book aptly title ‘For The Love of God.’


Pour L’Amour de Dieu. Est un livre de l’amour; amour pour Dieu. Les poémes: vous toucheront profondément ; ils vous édifieront, vous autoriser, vous encourager et vous rappeler que vous êtes a aimé !

                                                      Beautiful Book of Verse