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I am a school teacher and a poet. I was born in West London but now live just outside London. I have written over three hundred poems and they appear in the several books of poetry you will find on this web site. My poems reflect life from my perspective! However, I am sure that you, dear reader will be able to connect with them. As you may know by now, I am an incurable romantic and offer no apologies for that. Therefore, many of my poems are about love; my desire to be loved, my desire to inspire love in others and my observation of how others demonstrate love for one another. I am also a Christian and many of my poems will expose my walk with the Lord; my love for Him and my weaknesses! Thank God, I'm saved! I have also written about topical issues that are very current and I am sure will touch your hearts, one way or another. If you get the opportunity to read any of my work, I hope you simply enjoy them! Yours Barbara T. Aimable

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