Thank you

Thank you to those of you who have purchased my books: hard copies or for your Ipads/Kindles.  I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed my work. Poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea!

Please leave a comment on this web page and let me know which one/s you like the best and I will make sure that they are featured in the POTM ( Poem Of The Month) page.


Thank you once again.


The Poet

2 Replies to “Thank you”

  1. Hi there,
    I have only just found your website and, having read some of the poems you have penned over the years, I am elated and encouraged to see them made widely available. It has been an age since we were in communication. I was even more pleased when I read the excerpts from the children’s picture book “Elijah J. McKenzie”, which I will be purchasing, as I was greeted by this tender and familiar feeling pencil line drawing, and then saw the artists name, Richard Thomas! Of course! Pleased to see 2 amazing artists work in the same book AND for it to be of such class and standard!

    Well done

  2. Hello Paulette.WOW! It has been more than just a minute. I have neglected this website because I have been so busy with work. I am working on a facelift of the website because it needs a modern look. It is really lovely to hear from you and thank you for liking my work ( and Richards). Barbara.

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